Climate Change affects you, please

Invitation for Students to Participate in a Poster Competition for Our Tomorrow


There is a call for students to participate in a poster design competition between various secondary schools in Nigeria for “Our Tomorrow”.


Participants are expected to design posters that depict their understanding of Pollution and climate change in either A3 or A2 sized sheets. Each student can only submit one design and entries close on the 24th of October 2022. Submission can be done at on Monday 24th of October 2022 or collected by our representative.

Selected works by our panel of judges will be showcased at an exhibition at Didi Museum in Lagos in December 2022. Winners are entitled to cash rewards up to a maximum of N10,000 with her school library stocked with the equivalent in books and the selected work placed in the school’s brag board. Winners will also become ambassadors of Our Tomorrow.

The exhibition will be open to participating schools and the general public.

For further details and additional clarification, we can be contacted on 0703 084 3954 or


We look forward to your school’s participation as we battle to save the environment for our future and those of future generations.

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