Climate Change affects you, please

Africa's Climate Change impact

Wars, Insecurity and Refugee 64%
Seven of the 10 countries that are most vulnerable to climate change are in Africa 70%
Extreme weather changes, Covid-19 pandemic human health, food and water security 77%
Sub-Saharan drought and herders/farmers conflicts 82%

Our Action Plan

* To wake up African youths to the reality of the existential threat climate change poses to their future.

* To mobilize resources, both material and human, to campaign and create sustained awareness of Africans, especially the youths, on the need to be actively involved in the battle to save the environment for their future and for future generations.

* To sensitize African leaders, both at the government, corporate and non-governmental levels, to heed the clarion call for sustained action against climate change.

Climate change threatens the lives and livelihoods of over


People in extreme poverty


with grave consequences of a temperature increase above 1.5°C

88% +

who rely on water & fossil fuels for generation of Electricity

We must take joint positive action take responsibility take our stand create awareness and work for our environment

Programme timelines

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Undergraduate launches Climate Change NGO, Our Tomorrow

Undergraduate launches Climate Change NGO, Our Tomorrow

By OBINNA EZUGWU Concerned about the threat of climate change to the stability and survival of Africa, Nigerian born British undergraduate, Prince Emeka Obasi junior, on Saturday, formally launched a non governmental organisation, ‘Our Tomorrow,’ with a view to rallying youths of the continent and other stakeholders to rise up to challenge of confronting threats. Mr. Obasi who unveiled his […]

For the Record: ‘Wake Up and Help Save Our Tomorrow!’

For the Record: ‘Wake Up and Help Save Our Tomorrow!’

– Text of Open Letter By Emeka Obasi Jnr to African Youths on Climate Change   Fellow Youths of our beloved continent, it is with a heart full of trepidation, but also optimism, that I write to you this day. My trepidation stems from the fact that our continent is in danger, threatened menacingly by climate change. Already, Africa is […]